Monday, May 5, 2008

Ruff Weather

My life is now 38% easier.

Uncle Mike came and installed this on Saturday. It's a little strange having a hole cut in the side of your house (see my FLICKR page for the complete photo set) but it is totally worth it. I know Robby will eventually try to use the door, so I have prepared myself. I just hope I don't get a random opossum in the dining room one night.
Now I just need something to pick up the 14 tons of dog shit.
The Grandma is in the hospital again. She went in Friday evening and they have not let her come home. They are doing an angiogram tomorrow in hopes of finding what is causing her problems. It was not another heart attack this time, so we have that to be thankful for. Uncle Mike is flying to Arizona on Thursday night, as the angiogram was originally going to be done on this Friday.
The Nanny spent a night in the hospital last week as well. She passed out in the kitchen and conked her head and cracked some ribs. She is sore, but doing well.
See why I'm so excited about the dog door? It's the best thing that's happened in a week.

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