Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fire Station Open House

Our local fire station had an open house last Saturday, so Robby got dressed up in his firefighter gear and we decided to go check it out. He had the most amazing time!

They had an old vintage firetruck there and were giving rides. We got in line as soon as we got there. After waiting about 5 minutes, they decided to take a 45 minute break. You have never seen a child throw such a fit as when Robby found out we were not going to ride that firetruck RIGHT NOW!

We went over to the area where they were letting kids spray a REAL! FIRE HOSE! with a REAL! FIRE FIGHTER! and soon the fit was over. Robby was so intent on spraying that hose correctly, and you could see the concentration on his face. This was serious business. They had set up a wooden structure with wooden flames that spun around when the water hit them.

We then went and listened to the fire fighters talk about the equipment they use at car accident scenes. We came in on the tail end of the demonstration, but Robby plopped right down on the ground and listened to them talk.

Then it was time for the Sheriff K-9 unit to show off the dogs. Robby climbed up in the vintage firetruck at had a bird's eye view. Although, he didn't really watch the dogs that much. He was too excited to be in a REAL! FIRETRUCK! These dogs were great and when they put the "drugs" in a box among many others for a dog to find, I couldn't help but hope someone standing in the circle around the demonstration was carrying.

After the dogs, the firetruck started up again and Robby got his ride. He was very quiet and I think in shock through the whole experience. We then went and looked at the fire station with the REAL! HELMETS! and REAL! JACKETS! and Robby had his first snow cone. A grape one, that he didn't care for too much. We went back and had some popcorn instead.

They gave demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher, and The Mama got to put out a REAL! FIRE! with one. I think that moved me up a few notches on the cool meter in his book.

It was a great afternoon and well worth him missing a nap to attend! Check out some pictures of the day on my FLICKR page.

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