Monday, April 16, 2007

The List

Several years ago, my friend Mitch, the Super-Duper Life Coach, suggested I create a list called, "Ten Daily Habits". Basically, it's a list of 10 things I need to do everyday to make my life run smoothly and joyfully. This list has been on my refrigerator ever since. Over the years it has moved from the front of the freezer door to the side of the refrigerator over the trash can. Tonight, I really looked at the list for the first time in too many years.

1. Take Medication/Vitamins

Is ice cream a vitamin? I haven't regulary taken a vitamin since they pulled Robby out.

2. Wear 1 Thing That Makes Me Smile

This used to be a shirt in my favorite color or a pair of jeans my ass looked good in. Today it made me smile that I had a clean pair of 10 year old jeans. Am I the only one who misses tapered-leg jeans and big hair?

3. 20 Minutes of Stress Relief

I remember this was my compromise for the word exercise. I didn't want to have to exercise everyday, so I wrote this instead. Is nicotine a stress reliever?

4. Keep Commitments

OK! Finally something I still try to do everyday. Today, I just don't commit to something/someone as often as I used to and I try never to work on a deadline. Accomplishment through avoidance. WooHoo!

5. Connect With One Person

This means truly have a meaningful interaction with another human (ie not isolate myself). If Robby counts, and I think he should, I have done this daily for going on 21 months.

6. One Scrub Item Completed

A "scrub item" is something on your to do list. The concept being that if you have too many things to do nagging at you there is no room left for the good stuff to come into your life. I used to have an actual Scrub List I would add to when something came up and cross things off as I completed them. The phrase "Do It, Dump It or Delegate It" was my mantra. Today this list is in my head and I do stuff when I have free time. Ok, stop laughing.

7. Floss

I went to the dentist for the first time in a little over 2 years last month. Yeah, I got the lecture. I used to keep the floss by the TV so I could do it as I watched Survivor or some other vital hour of must see television. (Note to self: Put floss by TV on To Do List)

8. Write in Journal

Journal? What about a BLOG, does that count? My guess is that unless I actually post it doesn't.

9. Read For Pleasure

I can hear all the parents out there laughing. Read? When? I used to be an avid reader. Now I'm lucky if I get to read an article in Parents magazine while on the toilet with out being interrupted. From the day he was born, Robby knowns when Mama is reading, eating or having sex.

10. 7 Hours of Sleep

Now the parents out there are really getting a kick out of this list. I admit I'm lucky when it comes to this. Except for the occasional night, Robby sleeps through the night. He goes to bed around 7 to 7:30 and sleeps until 6 or 7. (Except the last three mornings when he's gotten up around 5.) If I can't manage 7 hours in there, I blame myself.

When I tried to revise the list for my life today I found that it pretty much stayed the same. Except for the reading. That needs to go on another list - for now. The needs I was trying to meet when I originally wrote the list are the same today as they were all the years ago. To me, that's a sign of something worth keeping. When I first made the list I remember how good I felt at the end of the day. Just being aware of these needs was powerful for me. When I'd go to bed each night I would review all that I'd accomplished that day and feel like it was a day well spent. I miss that feeling. Lately when I do this all my accomplishments have been either housework or moneymaking-work. Yes, true they are things that have to be done. Still, I ask myself why I have been placing more value on the laundry than my needs. (There's a question from a post-it-note, Devon!)

I'm making a new Scrub List this week! Stay tuned.


Denise said...

I wish I had something magical to say but I don't. I enjoyed reading your blog. I don't espouse the whole list thing anymore though. That had to go. I would like to brainstorm on a different type of "ten" list that had to do with "being" rather than "doing." What do you think? -Devon? I can't remember.

dimplecheek said...

I think the real purpose of the things is to get the feeling associated with them. That's my take anyway. (For example, the connecting with another person item.) A list of being? Do you mean like be spontaneous? Would that be a being list item? I is confused but it sounds interesting. Tell me more!
You are Devon by the way. :)