Monday, January 11, 2010

Five Things

Five things that bother me more than they should (in no particular order):
  1. Stuffed animals in the back window of cars. I don't understand this. I've seen 30 or more sun-faded little animals on top of the back seat of many cars. Why?
  2. Cabinet doors that are left open.
  3. Toilet paper coming from the bottom of the roll instead of the top. I have been know to change the roll in other people's homes.
  4. When I go to use 3 tab position file folders and someone has used all of the right position tab folders leaving only center and left tab position folders. Why don't they package these already collated?
  5. Socks that are for shoe sizes 9 or less. That's all you can buy if you are a woman. Someone could make a million dollars marketing socks for women whose shoe size is 10 or higher.


Michelle said...

Completely agree on 2 & 3, and, on 5--check out plus sized stores for larger socks. I've also found some at Walmart, but not often.

I have no opinion on stuffed animals, and if I want a tab on the other side, I turn the folder inside out. :D

dimplecheek said...

Good idea on turning the folder inside out - Thanks!

Good to see you here!