Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Next Chapter

The Grandma has arrived from Arizona and is here to stay! Hoo-ray!

Right this minute, she and Robby are out in the backyard playing in the water, as it is 95 degrees here today. I have free time! What do I do with it besides work? Blog.

The Grandma will be staying with us and Uncle Mike both until she finds a new home of her own here. I think this will work out well, since once she is tired of one of her kids, she can go bother the other one for a while. (Just kidding, Mom.)

And so, this marks the end of a chapter in in her life and the start of the next one. The last chapter didn't end well. Here's hoping for a fresh new start with lots of love, old and new friendships and prosperity.

I'd write more - but a client just called. See? What spare time.

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