Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out Like a Lamb

The ornaments are packed away for another year. The Boy Scouts came and took the remains of the tree away. The Grandma is back in Arizona. I have gained 10 pounds. The holiday season is officially over at our house.

Top 5 things to remember about 2008:
1. Robby starting to poop in the toilet.
2. America electing its first non-white President
3. Discovering what in me is indestructible.
4. Paul Newman.
5. My little brother getting hitched.

Top 5 things NOT to remember about 2008:
1. Voters tell Gays they have no rights.
2. Hockey Moms.
3. Dementia.
4. Cardiologists.
5. Del Taco.

I am surprised at how much hope I have for 2009. Especially considering the number of black-eyed peas I consumed New Year's Day. The odds indicate a bleak fiscal year. My family is going through a nightmare, legally, and otherwise. Yet, I find myself happy every morning to be awakened by my adorable and healthy son; and always happy when I go to sleep and the last person I speak to is The Papa. 2008 was a year of rediscovering my core and realizing with that, all things are possible.

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