Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Young Promise Keepers Republican Society

I recently read another mom's blog (I'm not saying who) about how her son was crushed that he would not be able to be a boy scout this year because his family are atheists. The Girl Scouts are okay with her daughter just leaving the God part out of her Girl Scout oath. Apparently, the Boy Scouts are not so inclined. This really didn't surprise me, since the Boy Scout Council openly excludes anyone who is gay, knows someone who is gay or has not attended a KKK meeting. (Don't get all excited, I'm only paraphrasing!)

I admit, when reading this my first reaction was to judge her a bad mother for not letting her son choose what he wants. I have this nasty habit of judging people too hastily. Then, my second thought was what would I do if it were Robby and he wanted to join the Young Promise Keepers Republican Society? Yikes! I'd like to think that I would let him choose to think for himself and have faith in what nourishes his soul. If I set a good example in my own life, not teach hate, fill our lives with diverse people and cite all the times George Bush has violated the Constitution...will it be enough? And when the whole GOD thing gets thrown into the mix, my head really starts to hurt.

I was raised Southern Baptist. I don't consider myself a Southern Baptist though. The Papa was raised Jewish. A strange mix that might possibly confuse a child. His childhood will be filled with Decembers where he lights the menorah and sings Silent Night. My hope is this will only illustrate for him that people believe different things and that is what makes life rich and full of flavor.

Robby currently attends a daycare facility that is sponsored by the Lutheran church. I chose the facility based on a recommendation and because I can run there from my office in 3 minutes flat if needed. When I enrolled him, I specifically asked Dumbledore (the principal) if they showed gory images of Christ on the cross. (They don't.) They do pray before eating and more than a few times at dinner I've already had the fork in my mouth when Robby has started reciting, "God is great, God is good..." and the feelings of guilt and confusion come crashing down as fast as my fork.

This whole issue is one that I need to spend some serious thought (and prayer) on. I know what I believe. I feel confident, peaceful and content in my beliefs. So why do I question if they are good enough for my son?

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M said...

I think everyone questions their beliefs and if they are good enough for their kids because you want your kids to have everything bigger and better and what if you make the wrong choice.

I think it sounds like you've got a wonderful concept of faith based variety for your son and that's a WONDERFUL thing.

And if, someday, he decides it's not enough? Try to remember it's okay and he'll find which path is right for him. But a good basis in faith of any kind is a fabulous thing for children to have.